Motivation Stress management Positive thinking

How can we control our mind? Are we conscious of the power of our thoughts? What is stress and what causes it? How to transform negative habits into positive ones? And how to become motivated?

Bettina Gallego

Stress and lack of motivation affect most of the population and are the main reasons of sick leave causing economic losses and instability within companies. Throughout the courses we will learn to manage stress and increase concentration, and hence motivation, which in turn will lead to a higher level of performance, efficiency and creativity at work. Through team management and consistency of thought, word and action we will improve decision-making, communication and unity within the company.

Celtic Triskel, the symbol of growth and evolution, which represents the balance between body, mind and spirit, within a circle, representing unity

Course format is adaptable in timing and duration: theoretical and practical workshops (applying tools of NLP, coaching, yoga and meditation) from several days to one hour lectures

Courses and conferences are targeted towards executives and their teams; collaboration with other professionals (leadership, team dynamics, public speaking, postural health and nutrition); available in different languages (English, Spanish,German and French)

Feedback and monitoring/recommendations online and through the blog are included